• Tank Maintenance? You Still Do That?

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sat Jul 2 23:09:00 2011
    I know . . . it's hard to believe, isn't it . . . but today I finally did
    what I've been putting off for . . . well, since the last time that I did
    it. :)

    After a long delay in tank maintenance, today I changed 30 gallons of water
    in my 45 gallon Malawi cichlid tank. In addition, I stirred up the sand
    along the glass where the algae tends to grow, dusted off all of the rocks, cleaned both of the Marineland Penguin 330 Bio-Wheel filters, and removed
    the algae from the glass panes.

    I am going to let the fish fast for a few days until the tank settles in a
    bit, before I feed them again.

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