• Tank Maintenance -- Getting Better

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Fri Nov 26 14:33:00 2010
    Well, I won't say that I am on a roll, but I am slowly improving my tank maintenance schedule. It has only been ten days since the last tank maintenance, which itself was an improvement over the time before that.

    Today I did the usual routine, which included changing twenty-three gallons
    of water -- which is well over a 50% water change, and probably closer to a
    60% water change -- cleaning out the the sponges, filters and baskets in the two Penguin 330 Bio-Wheel filters, dusting off the rocks a bit, and removing algae from the three panes of glass. I also netted out some of the floating detritus as well.

    My mbunas were expecting a feeding afterward, but I usually let the tank
    settle for a day or two after water changes, before I feed them again. I
    have continued the routine of feeding them every other day, which, while
    they may not like it, probably keeps the tank fresher a little longer
    between water changes.

    The young male mbuna that was attacked and injured about ten days ago
    continues to recover. To my surprise, fungal infection did not set in,
    despite the fact that his raw flesh was clearly visible as a result of his wounds. His wounds are almost completely healed now, and covered over with scales; and his tail fin and pectoral fins likewise continue to mend.

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