• Still In The Saddle

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Sep 15 09:48:00 2010
    Hello again everyone. Sorry for my silence over the past five weeks, but I
    have been both sick, as well as very busy writing articles, and setting up a new website.

    At any rate, there isn't much to report with my mbuna tank. As I've
    mentioned before, there are now so many females in the tank, and so much
    mating and fry releasing going on, that it is impossible for me to keep
    track of who is who, and what is what.

    Even as I write this, there are several females who are incubating eggs at
    this time, as well as some new fry in the tank from who-knows-who. As I
    said, I've just been too busy to keep a close eye on things.

    In fact, I haven't even conducted a water change since the last time that I posted here. Hopefully, once I finish I my current writing project, I will finally attend to my dear pets.

    Right now, they are going wild in the tank, because I just dropped a handful
    of Hikari pellets into the tank. I've found that reducing their feeding to every two days has made them even more responsive to feeding time. The
    minute they see me pick up the large plastic container that holds their
    food, they all become very alert and start looking at me through the glass
    in eager anticipation. Then they hear the plop-plop as the pellets hit the water, and start to go wild.

    Well, I suppose that's it for now.

    Until next time.

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