• Second Largest Female Spawns 2nd Time

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Aug 9 12:48:00 2010
    Sometime this morning -- I'm not exactly sure when, being as I was sleeping
    -- my second largest female mbuna -- the light blue one that first spawned
    on June 27th -- spawned for the second time. This means that a period of forty-three days lapsed between her first and second spawns, which -- based
    on my previous observations -- is the right amount of time for this species
    of fish.

    I also caught Mama Mbuna darting out a few times during feeding time. I may
    be mistaken, but she may possibly no longer be incubating her eggs. I
    haven't been able to see her well enough yet to make a full determination.
    Time will tell.

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