• Mama Mbuna Getting Ready To Spawn

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Thu Aug 5 11:24:00 2010
    Well, it seems that I made a mistake five days ago -- as I suspected I had
    -- when I stated that Mama Mbuna had laid her 12th spawn. Something just
    didn't seem right, as it had only been thirty days since her previous spawn, and that was just a bit too close. Thirty-five to forty-five days is more
    her norm.

    I have now come to realize -- due to irrefutable evidence -- that what I observed the other day was Mama Mbuna dropping some eggs which she had apparently snatched up from another younger female which had spawned.

    As I type this, Mama Mbuna is in fact very plump with eggs, her ovipositor
    is extended, and she has already begun to make a few test runs into Bully
    Boy's lair which is located under some rock structures on the far right end
    of the tank. It is going on 11:30 AM here, and this is also the usual time
    of day when she decides to lay her eggs; that is, right around the noon

    As usual, the tank is in quite an uproar, as Bully Boy is very busy keeping
    all of the other fish at bay, while he waits for Mama Mbuna to begin the spawning process.

    And speaking of Mama Mbuna, if there is one thing that I have noticed, it is that these female mbunas are just as aggresive with each other, as are the males. Mama Mbuna chases away the other females -- her own offspring, mind
    you -- and wants to be the only one who is laying eggs in the tank.

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