• Three Females And A Water Change

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Fri Jul 16 20:39:00 2010
    This evening I did my usual weekly tank maintenance; although upon checking
    my log entries, I realized that it has actually been thirteen days since I
    last did a water change. Today I changed twenty gallons, stirred up the sand substrate, dusted off the rock decor, and cleaned the glass panes, inside
    and out.

    I am just about out of chloramine remover, which means that I will have to visit one of our LFS's within the next week. I haven't been there since
    April of 2009 when I first purchased these mbunas. I had five then, but I
    have dozens now.

    It seems that I need to clarify once again regarding the number of holding females that are in the tank. If you've been reading my log entries on a regular basis, then you'll know that over the past month or so, I have been flip-flopping around -- yes, pun intended -- concerning this issue. First I said that there are three holding females, and then I changed my mind and stated that there are only two.

    Well, the mystery has been solved. At this current time, there are in fact three holding females in the aquarium: Mama Mbuna, who will probably be releasing within a week or so; one of Mama Mbuna's oldest female fry, who
    will more than likely release her fry in five days or less; and a third,
    even younger and smaller female, whose release date I am not sure of.

    My confusion was due to the fact that there are several young females in the aquarium which are all about the same size, and of similar coloration. As a result, I became a bit confused regarding who was who. Furthermore, the
    third young female which is holding, would also hide within the rock decor whenever I did my holding female count.

    However, I can now verify that she is still holding an undetermined number
    of eggs in her throat, and I still see her making that "munching" motion
    with her jaw, which is an indication that she is turning over the eggs in
    order to aerate them better.

    So that is that...at least so me thinks. :)

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