• Update On Female Mbunas

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Jul 14 15:46:00 2010
    This is just a short update on the status of some of my female mbunas.

    As you may recall, Mama Mbuna -- my oldest and original female -- spawned
    for the eleventh time on July 1st. Today marks two weeks that she has been incubating the eggs in her throat pouch.

    Four days prior to that -- on June 27th -- one of Mama Mbuna's oldest female fry also spawned. She is now on day number eighteen with incubating her

    There was a third younger female who was also holding eggs, but she appears
    to have lost them. Now and then it seems like she might still be holding a
    few eggs, but today it again appears that her throat is empty.

    There are a number of other young females in the tank -- all Mama Mbuna's
    fry -- but they haven't reached spawning age yet.

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