• Another Female In The Tank

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Jun 8 22:58:00 2010
    Over the last few months, I've been keeping a close eye on a few of the fry from Mama Mbuna's earlier spawns, hoping to determine whether they are male
    or female. While the females of this species of mbuna is considerably
    lighter in color than the males, and have traces of yellow in their body and fins, the presence of egg spots on the anal fin is usually an indication
    that they are males, regardless of their other body features.

    I've been watching maybe three or four of these "question mark" fish, and
    this morning I received a clear answer concerning one of them. Upon waking
    up from a nap early this afternoon, I discovered that one of these fish,
    which is about two and a half inches long, is holding eggs in her throat.
    The reason why I wasn't sure about her until now, is because she does have
    one slight egg spot on the edge of her anal fin; but other than that, she
    is light-colored, and I would say has more yellow tint in her body than her mother, Mama Mbuna.

    As a result of this discovery today, I have become more convinced that some
    of the others -- perhaps another three or four at this point -- will also
    turn out to be females.

    Boy, is that larger tank becoming even more tempting! :)

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