• Mama Mbuna And A Ring Side Seat

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun May 16 12:22:00 2010
    This morning I had a front row seat as Mama Mbuna proceded to spit out 12 or
    13 of her fry. If I had better lighting, and if I was more proficient at
    using my daughter's digital camera, it would have made one cute video to
    share with everyone.

    For the last hour or so, Mama Mbuna has been spitting out her fry, letting
    them swim around her a bit, and then sucking them back up into her mouth
    again in a careful motherly fashion. As I have said before, she is one dedicated mother. She will probably permanently release the fry within a day
    or so, as I am sure that she is now quite hungry, and just watching all of
    the other fish snap up the Hikari pellets must be difficult for her.

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