• Mama Mbuna Spawns For 9th Time

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Apr 27 20:58:00 2010
    Well, it seems that I lost track of the time again.

    This evening -- April 27th -- to my surprise, Mama Mbuna spawned for the
    ninth time since I purchased her and four males in April of 2009. I only
    caught the very end of the spawning activity, so I have no idea how many
    eggs were actually laid this time.

    As I mentioned earlier, lately, I have been cutting back on feeding the fish
    to every two or three days, being as the bio-load in the tank is becoming
    quite heavy due to all of the fry that have been surviving from each spawn,
    and I want to maintain the water as pure as possible in between water

    In fact, I was planning to conduct a water change soon, being as it has now been exactly three weeks since I last did one. Being as Mama Mbuna is now holding eggs, I am thinking that maybe I should off the water change for one more week, and just keep the glass clean and wash out the filter sponges.

    We shall see.

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