• Mama Mbuna Begins Releasing 8th Spawn

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Apr 12 10:48:00 2010
    Today marks exactly three weeks since Mama Mbuna spawned for the eight time.
    A few minutes ago I noticed that she has begun to release her fry. So far,
    I've only been able to spot one of them, so she is probably early in the process of release, and it could possibly go on for another day or two. Her throat pouch is still bulging with fry.

    Normally, I would conduct a partial water change today, but I've decided to forego a water change for a week or two in order to enhance the potential survival rate of the new fry. Lowering the water level at this time -- even
    if for just a short while -- would obviously increase the danger that they would face from the several dozen other mbunas in the tank.

    I'll make another log entry once I have a better idea of how many fry have
    been released in all.

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