• 7th Spawn Release Draws Near

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Feb 24 14:13:00 2010
    Hello Everyone,

    This morning -- February 24th -- I conducted a partial water change of 16 gallons. As with the last time, I only lowered the water level to just below the tops of the rock decor, so as to not overly disturb Mama Mbuna. I also dusted off the rocks, and scrubbed the front and side glass panes, as I
    usually do every few days, since the algae starts growing rather quickly

    One interesting development is that in recent weeks, Bully Boy -- my
    dominant male - has begun to attack my hand whenever I clean the glass with the sponge. He really can't hurt me, being as his teeth are so small, but it
    is a bit comical. Sometimes I will fight back by bopping him with my index finger, but he is quite fearless, and just comes out to attack me again. But
    as far as the rest of the fish are concerned, he is the boss, and he keeps
    them all shaking and trembling.

    Today marks day #18 since Mama Mbuna laid her seventh spawn. That means that she will be releasing her fry sometime during the next week, and probably a little sooner than later. Her throat pouch is quite extended, so this has probably been a healthy, large spawn. Of course, exactly how many fry will survive beyond the first few weeks remains to be seen. As I noted in an
    earlier post, with so many fish populating the tank now, I think their
    chances of survival are somewhat reduced. As you may recall, there were no survivors from the previous spawn.

    I'll keep everyone posted regarding the actual day of the release.

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