• Water Change & Fishy Psychologists

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Jan 18 23:44:00 2010
    Today -- anticipating that Mama Mbuna will be releasing her sixth spawn
    within the next few days -- I conducted a 15-gallon water change, even
    though it's only been five days since I last did a water change. My
    reasoning was that I didn't want to have to conduct a water change shortly after the fry had been released, as lowering the water level -- and thus limiting the places where they can hide -- might jeopardize their survival during their first hours of freedom.

    Yesterday, I also also washed out the four sponges -- and other parts -- in
    the two Penguin Bio-Wheel filters. I also scrubbed down the four panes of glass, as I do once or twice a week, and dusted off the rocks as well.

    Lately -- right now, for example -- the male mbunas have been playing a psychological game with me. For a number of evenings now, they have been
    calmly hovering in the upper front portion of the tank, and eyeballing me through the glass. It is obvious that they are observing me, because they position themselves so that they are looking directly out of the front of
    the tank. The vibes I am getting are "Hey! Feed us!"; but I just tell them
    that they are going to have to wait until tomorrow, because it is too late
    in the evening to be feeding them, and the aquarium lights will be going out soon.

    Don't worry...they haven't answered back yet, so I haven't lost my sanity entirely...at least not yet. :)

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