• Water Change And Comments

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Jan 13 13:38:00 2010
    Today I conducted a partial water change.

    I was curious as to how much water I would have to replace if I just lowered the water level down to just above the top of the rocks.

    Part of my reason for doing this was to determine if the algae would remain healthier if I didn't expose it to the air, even though when I do lower the water level so that much of the rocks are uncovered, the algae is only
    exposed to the air for less than thirty minutes, and more like fifteen
    minutes at best.

    At any rate, as it turns out, following this procedure, I had to replace fifteen gallons of water. That is roughly a 35-40% water change, which is obviously good enough if done on a weekly basis, as I have been doing for
    some time now. Not only will it lower my water bill a little, but it will
    also save me a little bit of time and energy as well.

    Mama Mbuna continues to incubate her eggs. Today marks two weeks since she spawned for the sixth time on December 29th. Going by the size of the bulge
    in her throat, it does appear that she has lost some of the spawn this time, possibly due to stress from the other fish, or from my often meddling in the tank.

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