• Water Change And Tank Redesign

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Jan 5 23:57:00 2010
    Today -- in addition to conducting a 28-gallon water change -- I made some changes to the physical design of the tank decor.

    1. Some of the base rocks were rearranged in order to create a new low-level cave.

    2. All of the small rocks were removed in order to create more living space
    for my ever-growing population of mbunas, including more swimming space
    between the tops of the rocks and the water surface.

    3. Of the rocks that now remain in the tank, I used my trusty toothbrush to give about half of them a good scrub-down in the sink in order to remove all
    of the thick algae growth. Obviously, it will all grow back within a few
    weeks time.

    One thing I have noticed in the seven hours since I finished my work, is
    that the fish appear to have gained a new boldness, and are now swimming in more open areas of the tank, whereas before, they preferred to hang around,
    in and under the rocks. Whether or not they will continue this new behavior remains to be seen in the coming days as the tank settles down, and the fish become accustomed to the new layout. Being as they are mbunas -- or "rock
    fish" -- I suspect that they may eventually return to their usual behavior.

    On a side note, Junior -- who is the oldest fry in the tank -- is now about
    two and a half inches in length, and has acquired brilliant metallic blue colors with horizontal black bars, just like the rest of the male mbunas. However, he still retains some yellow on his dorsal fin and tail. He also
    has three egg spots on his anal fin. He's a very nice looking fish.

    Currently, Mama Mbuna has completed her first week of incubation. Her throat doesn't look that large yet, and I am wondering if she may have lost some of her eggs due to stress.

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