• 5th Spawn Has Been Released

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Dec 8 09:53:00 2009
    Since making my last entry on December 3rd, Mama Mbuna has released her
    fifth spawn. I wasn't sitting in front of the tank when it happened, so I am not certain how many fry she had this time. Since the release -- which
    occurred on December 5th -- I have been able to count five new fry at one
    time, scattered around the tank. This means that there are now as many as twenty fry of varying ages in the tank -- with Junior being the oldest -- as well as the five adult mbunas.

    With the increased bio-load, I have been trying to perform a 50% water
    change on a regular weekly basis every Monday. I was feeling bad yesterday,
    so I didn't do it until this morning -- Tuesday.

    Anyway, these five new fry look quite healthy, are eating well, are
    learning to avoid the bigger fish, and are probably all going to be

    The main question in my mind right now, is how many of these fry will turn
    out to be females. Right now, Mama Mbuna is it, and she has filled the tank with fish over the past eight months. I am still amazed by her resilience.

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