• A Quick Glimpse Of The New Fry

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Thu Dec 3 21:57:00 2009
    It is very evident that the release of spawn #5 is very imminent. Mama Mbuna has been acting very jittery the past two days, and she has been chasing
    around some of her older fry. In particular, she has targeted Junior for
    some reason, who is the oldest of her fry, and who is now over two inches in size. If my suspicions regarding Junior being female are correct, what we
    may have here is a case of female jealousy, or whatever you call it in the
    fish world.

    When Mama Mbuna is about to release, she makes this side motion with her
    head and body, as if she is doing everything within her power to keep the
    fry tucked safely in her throat pouch just another day.

    In fact, the night before last, I was quite surprised when one of the fry escaped from her mouth and darted for the rocks. I am not sure if she was
    able to scoop it back up or not, as she disappeared underneath a rock and
    out of my line of view. But what really surprised me is that the fry was clearly a golden yellow. While this color is typical of Electric Blue fry,
    this is the first time that I have actually seen one of that color in the
    tank. To date, they've all been sort of a silvery-gray color upon release.

    Yesterday, I got a second glimpse of a few of the fry when they momentarily popped out of her mouth. It was very quick, and Mama Mbuna was quick to suck them back in again. I am now even more anxious to see what this latest batch
    of fry will look like. It will be interesting if they are all golden yellow.

    I was relatively certain that today -- day #21 -- would be the day of
    release, but Mama Mbuna surprised me, and as of this evening, she still
    hasn't spit out her fry. Tomorrow will surely be the day...or so me thinks.

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