• 50% Water Change And Latest News

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Thu Nov 19 14:58:00 2009
    This past Monday -- November 16th -- I performed a 50% water change, and I
    hope to make it a weekly practice, as I was doing before I began to slack
    off. Not only does it result in the fish being more active due to higher
    water quality, but it also retards the growth of the reddish-brown slime

    Since November 9th -- when I did a major clean-up of the tank -- I have only been able to spot 9 or 10 of the youngest fry. I am hoping that my
    rearranging the upper level of the tank didn't result in some of the fry getting eaten by accident. Perhaps the adult males thought the fry were floating algae during the upheaval of the tank. Time will tell. I will be surprised if the fry were eaten, as these mbuna have clearly demonstrated no interest in eating the fry.

    I've been tempted for a while now to make another change to the design of
    the tank, as I am not happy with how high the rocks are stacked. I would
    like more open space between the tops of the rocks, and the water surface.
    Not only will it provide more swimming space -- not that these mbuna like
    open spaces -- but it will also allow the light to penetrate into more areas
    of the tank. I'll keep pondering the thought for a while longer, as it is a
    lot of back-breaking work, and I am not too eager to get into doing it.

    It has also now been six days since Mama Mbuna had her fifth spawn. Now and then she gets chased out into the open by the aggressive males. She
    continues to incubate her latest spawn.

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