• Mama Mbuna Releases Spawn #4

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Oct 27 17:27:00 2009
    Wow! What a pleasant surprise I had this afternoon -- day number nineteen -- since mama mbuna had her fourth spawn.

    I slowly rolled my office chair over to the tank, because I noticed that
    mama was in one of her favorite little caves that is situated near the
    front, and just to the right of the center of the tank. The roof of the cave
    is made up of one overhanging rock, with the mouth of the cave right in
    front facing towards me as I look at the tank, so I have a good view.

    I knew that mama mbuna would be spitting out her fry any day now, maybe even today, so I wanted to check to see how she was doing.

    To my amazement, she had already begun releasing them, and there was a small cloud of fry hovering around her, and darting amongst the rocks. Besides
    that, she was still holding some in her mouth as well.

    Over the past few days, I realized that she had a larger spawn this time,
    just going by the bulge in her throat; but I wasn't prepared to count 10-12 fry, and I am not even sure of the exact number, because some are hiding in
    the rocks, while others hover around her, and still others are in her mouth.

    Since I began watching her a short while ago, she has repeatedly taken them into her mouth, spit them out again, taken them into her mouth again, etc. I was really overwhelmed with emotion as I watched her take care of her fry.
    She is such a good little mother. She didn't even seem to mind that I was watching her. In fact, it was almost as if she wanted me to see her new
    family, as if she knew I would be pleased. I wish she could understand me.

    But what surprised me the most is that they are all healthy fry this time.
    I'd have to say that this is the biggest, healthiest spawn she has had so
    far. I obviously don't know how many are going to survive, but for today at least, I am quite pleased.

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