• Junior News, Mama & Water Change

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Sep 13 06:23:00 2009
    In anticipation of my female releasing her third batch of fry within the
    next week, two days ago I performed about a 50% water change. In recent
    weeks, I've kind of slacked off in my water-changing duties, in the hope of bringing down my water bill a bit. These are difficult times in a financial sense for many of us.

    It was obvious that a water change was needed, as my fish haven't been their usually aggressive, lively selves. In recent weeks there has also been an
    algae die-off, which of course has only added to the pollution level in the tank.

    In addition to the water change, I also changed the four sponge filter pads
    in both of the Penguin 330 Bio-Wheel filters.

    I am a bit concerned for my holding female. Aside from the fact that she is
    now quite thin after not eating for a few weeks, yesterday I noticed that
    there is some serious deterioration in her left gill fin. As it is, she is breathing quite rapidly due to the ever-growing cluster of fry in her
    throat, so having a damaged gill can only be adding to her level of stress.
    I will be happy when she releases, as she will be able to begin her recuperation period.

    Finally, I am suspecting more and more that Junior is a female, and not a
    male. Not only is he/she growing slower than I expect -- a possible sign
    that it's a female -- but the body shape and faded colors strongly suggest
    that Junior is female. Another telltale sign is the fact that he/she has
    been fearlessly hanging out near one of the adult male's lairs...usually
    with impunity from the male. If Junior is indeed female, this may possibly
    be a sign that she has already chosen him as her future mate. In four days, Junior will celebrate the third full month since he/she was released by
    his/her mother.

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