• Female's 3rd Spawn & News On Junior

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Sep 1 16:59:00 2009
    On Sunday, August 30th, I discovered that my female is holding eggs for the third time. I am not certain when she spawned this time, but I suspect that
    it was that same day, and at the earliest, a day or two before that at best, going by when I last recall seeing her eat food. If she did spawn on August 30th, then she will probably be releasing her fry somewhere between
    September 16th and September 20th. Being as she is back in the main tank
    again, she is a little more stressed out, being as the males do chase her
    when they find her.

    Junior continues to do well, and is now about an inch and a half in length.
    He still has yellow in his dorsal fin, tail fin and anal fin, as well as a
    dark bar on his dorsal fin, on his anal fin, and on his two ventral fins. He also has a slight yellow color on his belly. A dark horizontal bar also runs the length of his body, which is still a drab, light grayish-blue.

    At this point, I am not certain if Junior is a male or a female. His drab
    body color may simply be due to his young age. It's been three full months
    now since he was conceived -- June 1st -- and 75 days since he was released
    by his mother on June 17th. His drab body color may also very well indicate that Junior is really a female.

    One thing that gives me a chuckle is that in spite of his small size --
    Junior is about a fifth of the size of the other males -- he will not
    hesitate to peck at the other fish when they are resting in his favorite
    rock area. Due to his small size, he can still fit into some areas where the other fish cannot; so when they invade his territory, he simply dodges out
    and pecks at them, until they get so bothered that they leave. He's a little bully, just like his father, Bully Boy.

    With his increase in size, Junior is also becoming more bold, and often explores from one end of the four-foot tank to the other, as he hunts for
    food, all the while keeping an eye out for the larger mbuna. At this point,
    I don't think that any of them would try to eat him.

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