• Four Surviving Fry - Eight Dead?

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Fri Jul 31 12:19:00 2009
    After making yesterday's log entry in the evening, I discovered the remains
    of another fry sitting on top of one of the rocks. This brought the total number of dead fry to two, with two living fry as well.

    This morning, after turning on the aquarium lights, I noticed that my female was no longer holding fry in her mouth. Upon closer examination of the tank,
    I noticed several more fry, but I was unable to determine whether or not
    they were alive, being as they were partially concealed by shadows under one
    of the rocks.

    So, I decided that it was time to remove the female from the tank, and temporarily remove the rocks as well, so that I could get a more accurate
    count of the surviving fry.

    Upon doing so, I discovered four more recently-dead fry bodies, as well as
    the decaying remains of one or two more. This brought the total number of
    dead fry to seven, or possibly eight. I also discovered four living fry.

    Rather than move the female into the tank with Junior, as I had originally intended to do, I decided to catch the living fry and place them with Junior instead. While doing that, one of the fry got caught in one of the holes on
    the filter. I immediately unplugged the filter, but I am not certain what happened to the fry. When I cleaned out the filter, I didn't find the fry inside, so I am not certain if it escaped, or if it was killed by the

    So, at this point, the female is in a twenty-gallon holding tank alone,
    while Junior is sharing his twenty-gallon tank with three, or possibly four, surviving fry. They all immediately took refuge under the rocks, so it may
    be some time before I discover exactly how many are going to survive.

    My female is quite thin due to her three-week fast, but I am sure that she
    will begin to put on weight after eating for a few days.

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