• Two New Fry Spotted

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Thu Jul 30 20:09:00 2009
    This afternoon -- day #20 since the second spawning occurred -- I discovered two fry hiding under one of the rocks in the holding tank. Other than the
    one dead fry that I discovered three days ago, these two are the only ones
    that I have seen thus far. My female still appears to be holding some fry in her mouth.

    Not wanting the released fry to starve, I soaked, and then ground up, some
    fish pellets and placed the mixture in the tank. The female appeared to
    scoop up a few small tidbits, but she did not release the remaining fry from within her mouth. I believe that she will release the remainder of the fry during the next few days, at which time I intend to remove her from that
    tank, and place her in the same tank as Junior. At just over six weeks old,
    I seriously doubt that the female will make any attempt to eat Junior.
    Within a week or so, I expect to have a better idea of exactly how many fry have survived from this second spawn.

    As I noted in a previous post, I intend to keep the female in the holding
    tank with Junior for at least a few weeks, until she has regained her
    strength and vitality. In fact, I am thinking of leaving her in there even longer, so that she will miss the next spawning period -- or at least her
    eggs won't be fertilized if she does spawn again at the forty-day mark,
    which would be on August 19th-20th.

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