• Bully Boy Beats Up Subdom #1

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Jul 13 10:41:00 2009
    Yesterday, Bully Boy -- my dominant male -- beat the crap out of subdominant male #1. I believe that the aggression is probably being aggravated by the
    fact that my holding female is still in the tank. This marks day number
    three for her since she spawned.

    The battles were getting quite fierce with Bully Boy and subdom #1 not only jaw-locking and biting each other's fins, but biting each other's sides as well. Subdominant male #1 got the worst of it and has some nasty bite marks, including one place where Bully Boy bit through his scales, and appears to
    have made it to his flesh.

    Growing concerned, I spent some time trying to get subdominant male #1 out
    of the main tank, so that I could put him in a twenty-gallon tank where he
    can recuperate; but with so many rocks in the tank, it wasn't easy, and I finally gave up.

    I also tried a few times to take out my holding female, but again, without success. I have another twenty-gallon tank prepared to put her in as well
    where her fry will be able to grow out properly. I am really hoping that I
    will get some females out of this new batch, as I really need some in order
    to disperse the aggression in the main tank.

    Today, things are a bit more calm in the tank, and subdom #1 seems to be
    okay, in spite of his wounds. He has reclaimed his lair under the rocks on
    the far right side of the tank, and is currently moving sand around as he normally does, even though Bully Boy still keeps coming over to threaten

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