• Junior Is Now 3 Weeks Old!

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Jul 8 07:02:00 2009
    Hello again everyone!

    Well, today completes three weeks since little Junior was released by momma.
    As you may recall, his parents are Bully Boy and female #1.

    Junior is now almost an inch long, I'd say.

    He has developed some distinct yellowish-orange color in his dorsal fin, ventral fin, and tail.

    His main body color is now a rather light greyish-bluish hue. It depends a
    lot on what light he is under.

    If I recall correctly, he may also have some light vertical bars. Bully Boy, his father, has about three and a half dark vertical bars which start at his belly, and extend about halfway up his body before they fade into his main
    blue body color.

    Lately, I've been trying hard to get some new pics of Junior, but this
    little guy darts around too fast, so all of my pics have been blurry thus

    Junior is also becoming much bolder, and has now explored about half the
    tank -- the left side -- but he still seeks the safety of the rocks quite often. However, he does cruise the open water a bit in the upper levels of
    the tank, just above the rocks, where he knows the rest of the fish rarely

    He's one "aquarium-smart" little fish! :)

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