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    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Jun 29 01:59:00 2009
    It's all a matter of perspective. Consider this one:

    Papa mbuna to his fry: "Hey kids! Come and see what we've got trapped on the other side of this glass!"

    Fry: Ooh, paps! That's ugly! Is it dangerous?!

    Well, if you enjoyed the previous quotations, here are a few more that I
    came up with. This first one is a mbuna complaining about his food:

    "You see this mouth? You see that pellet? Yeah, that's right; there's
    something very wrong here! Next time, buy us a smaller pellet, okay?! What
    were you thinking!?"

    Now here's Papa Mbuna carefully sharing a life lesson with his new young

    Papa Mbuna: "Now kids, when you see the big blue thing rubbing away over
    there, don't worry; it's no threat to us; it's just the janitor cleaning the glass. On the other hand, when you see the big white mesh thing, RUN FOR

    The wide-eyed fry reply: "Why papa? What it is?"

    Papa Mbuna: "Haven't you heard?! ALIEN ABUCTION! When that thing appears,
    our kind just disappear and are never seen again! They are just up and

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