• Two Fish Removed To Own Tanks

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Jun 16 08:04:00 2009
    Yesterday, June 15th, I exercised some compassion and removed the two persecuted male Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos from the main tank. This now
    leaves two Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos in the four foot tank, and each one
    has established its territory on opposite ends of the tank. Whenever the dominant male tries to invade the territory of the other, he is immediately shooed away. I'm glad to see that the other fish is standing up to him. The dominant male has always been a real "bully boy", which is what I call him.

    Each of the two fish that I removed now has its own 20-gallon aquarium. I
    have the tanks set up end to end very close to each other so that the two
    males can see each other, and thus sport their best colors as they spar with each other through the glass.

    After letting them settle into their new homes during the day, I fed them
    each an algae pellet in the evening, which was soon eaten by one, and then later during the night by the more shy one.

    I hope that they both appreciate the fact that they are no longer being harassed by the dominant male anymore. Their bitten fins will now have a
    chance to heal, and I expect that they will sport better colors now as well, due to less stress on their lives.

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