• Female Electric Blue Johanni Removed

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Jun 3 22:47:00 2009
    Well, the more I thought about the coming fate of the soon-to-be Electric
    Blue Johanni fry -- mercilessly being eaten by the males in the tank -- the worse I felt. So, today I bit the bullet, removed about half of the rocks
    from the tank, and then caught the female which is currently holding the
    eggs in her mouth.

    As with my Copadichromis Borleyi females, she held on tightly to her eggs
    while I transfered her to her new temporary home. I was concerned that the stress of being caught in a net, and being transferred to a new tank, might cause her to spit out her eggs, but thankfully, that was not the case.

    She is now at peace in her own little five gallon tank which is sitting just
    to the left of the main aquarium. I hope she appreciates the fact that she
    is no longer being chased by the males while she incubates her eggs.

    I am thinking that when she spits out the fry in a few weeks, I might put
    her in a twenty gallon tank for a while so that she can eat, rest, and
    regain her strength before I reintroduce her to the main tank, and to all of those aggressive males.

    Hopefully, some of the fry will turn out to be females, and I will have more mates for the four males in the main tank. We shall see.

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