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    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Apr 26 04:43:00 2009
    Hello everyone. Well, it has been three weeks now since I moved my four-foot aquarium from the living room into my bedroom, and today is the day!

    Over the past three weeks, the aquarium has aged nicely, and there is now a fresh, young crop of bright green filamentous algae growing on some of the rocks. The water is clear and richly oxygenated, and I am anxious to get
    some fish in there.

    So . . . in about seven and a half hours I will be heading over to one of
    our local pet stores to see what is available at this current time. I spoke
    on the phone with one of the fellows there yesterday, and from the sound of
    it, they probably don't have any Malawi cichlids in stock, so I will
    probably have to settle for something else, or wait another few weeks until they get in their next fish shipment. I don't know; my patience is running thin. In fact, it is so bad, that even now, my daughter and I look at the
    tank and joke about seeing invisible fish in there! :)

    The fish store fellow mentioned that they have some Frontosas in stock --
    and boy would I love to own some of those -- but this aquarium is way too
    small for adult Frontosas, and they are expensive as well.

    Anyway, we shall see.

    I will post again later tonight, after I see what transpires at the fish

    CYA then!

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