• Biological Load

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    mark lewis wrote:

    nah, not really... define "overloaded"... AFAIK, overloaded means too many
    for the biologics... i've never had any problems with disease or biologics... at that time, there were only the two fish in the tank... they started in
    tank when they are toddlers only about as long as your thumb ;)

    I have a 29 gallon crammed full of African Ciclids... and I mean
    FULL.... I've had some comment on how can I have that many fish without nitrite and ammonia problems. It's simple... underneath the tank is a
    20 gallon set up as a wet/dry trickle filter... two Magnum 300's and on
    the back I have the largest Penguin emporer back filter on the tank
    (says it's good for a 70 gallon tank).

    With all of that I do have a good undergravel system too.

    You can extend the load... and when I say they are crowded in there,
    they are crowded. It's the only way to keep them non aggressive and
    it's very beautiful to watch a very active tank. When they are crowded
    they show a lot more color too.

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