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    From 2pods@1:278/230 to All on Mon Jan 3 11:08:00 2005
    LOL here here! (or is it hear hear?). But there is a middle road. I find the test kits essential in establishing what my source water is like (to match fish to it if needed), and for monitoring periodically what the aquarium's trends are (if there is a trend), and if my maintenance regime
    is adequate.

    I hate the idea that new aquarists feel they need to learn how to inject CO2, remove phosphates, make their own PMDD, engineer new lighting and master the art of filtration. There *is* all sorts of interesting fun
    that you can have, but for newbies?? i) cycle your tank, ii) familiarize yourself with your water, the species of fish you will be adding and how they relate to their tank mates, iii) meet their requirements as they
    grow. After that you can go down any of the specialty roads, or stay
    right where you are and still enjoy the hobby (jmho).

    Yay !
    What Max said .

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