• Apple II Unix

    From Andy Ball@1:124/5009 to Daniel O'leary on Mon Jun 26 12:16:20 2000
    Hello Daniel!

    DO> Was looking at doing VGA, SVA and higher.

    Would you have included support for monochrome or
    greyscale monitors?

    DO> I vividly recall that party of my life. I was
    > starving and freezing to death the same time...

    Doesn't sound like much of a party to me! (mind
    you, I've been to some strange parties over the years! ;o)

    DO> I worked at EMS Touch as a technician, for a couple
    > of years...

    What did they do?

    DO> ...moved on to EIS systems to do R&D as was as some
    > prototyping for them.

    What kind of prototyping? Are we talking wire-wrapped
    digital circuits?

    DO> I'll look to see if I still have a set of software for
    > the //e. I believe the system software is still is
    > available for download from support.apple.com too.

    Hmm, I wonder how I could write that to diskettes that
    the IIe would read...?

    DO> call -151

    Thanks! I'll have to have a poke about with that, see
    what I can find out.

    - Andy.

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