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    From Bryan@1:124/7013 to All on Mon Sep 4 23:20:37 2000
    | Official Fido APOGEE Conference Rules - Updated Sept 1st, 2000 | -------------------------------------------------------------------
    Conference Echotag: APOGEE
    Moderator: Bryan Turner, who can be reached via Netmail at
    1:124/7013, or via Internet E-Mail at bryant@3drealms.com

    This conference exists for the purpose of providing support for Apogee Software, Ltd, the shareware game publisher. Apogee's two divisions, 3D
    Realms Etertainment and Pinball Wizards are valid discussions here, too. Product support, bug reports, product announcements, and much more will be posted/talked about in this conference. This conference also serves as the discussion conference for the Apogee FDN, which is carried on the Fido Filebone. If you are interested in getting the Apogee FDN on your BBS, grab yourself a copy of FILEBONE.NA; it will have information on how to contact a Filebone representative. Failing that, you can ask your local Fido administration on what their policy is regarding obtaining Filebone files.

    Note: The following are not Apogee/3DR/PW games and are not valid topics of discussion in this Conference:

    Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Quake, Descent, Witchhaven, Tekwar, Powerslave, Blood. The last four can be peripherally talked about, as they
    do use our technology, but direct threads on them are off-topic. If you wish to talk about these games directly, please use the GAMING Fidonet Conference.

    Conference Rules
    * No Personal Attacks or insults
    Please, don't go around insulting someone just because you don't agree
    with them. If you feel you must argue with someone, argue the topic,
    don't insult someone. Remember, that just because someone likes
    something you don't, it's no reason to insult them.

    * No Vulgar Language
    This is a family network, so keep the dirty language out of the
    messages. Also, masking part of a word with other characters does
    not make it acceptable material for posting.

    * Do not behave in a disruptive fashion

    * No "TEST" messages
    Please do not use this conference for "test" messages, saying "This is a
    test, let me know if you get this". There are other conferences for
    that, you don't need this one to do it in. If you see one of these,
    DO NOT reply to them; as it's a further waste of bandwith.

    * Don't over-quote
    Don't quote a whole bunch of text just to add something like "I agree",
    or an emoticon. Fido echomail has to be paid for by a lot of people,
    and only quoting the section you must in order to get your point across
    will be appreciated by a far lot more people than you think. Please do
    not quote entire messages, with origin, tear, taglines. In other
    words, say more than you repeat.

    * Encryption
    Encryption, for any reason, is prohibited in this conference. This also includes UUENCODED messages. Please contact the moderator in Netmail
    first before posting UUENCODED messages/files. The moderator reserves
    the right to post uuencoded messages here, but if you want to, you MUST
    check via Netmail first.

    * Language
    English is the only language approved for use in this conference.
    Mainly because the Apogee reps in this conference don't speak/read
    any other language, and we cannot answer foreign language messages.

    * Stay on-topic
    All messages must ahere to the topic of the conference. This means
    that your messages must deal with Apogee Software. This doesn't mean
    that they have to be 100% about Apogee. Related topics such as
    comparing Apogee's Rise of the Triad features to some feature
    in id's Doom is OK.

    However, something like saying "How do I get by level 6 in Doom" is not
    ok. Please try and keep messages from non Apogee games to a minimum.
    Several people carry this base solely for the Apogee product info, and
    I strive to keep it related to Apogee.

    * Mind the Moderator
    There seems to be a trend these days to just wildly disregard topics,
    and just say whatever you want. Please, try and keep on topic here,
    and if you do go off topic, you'll get a message from the Moderator.
    Moderator messages are usually sent via Fido Netmail, accompanied by
    a message in the conference saying that you have Netmail coming. The
    Moderator Doesn't like taking restrictive action against people,
    since it's a big pain in the butt to do things like that, but that
    type of action will be taken if you go wildly off-topic, and do not
    respect the wishes of the conference moderator.

    * Gating the conference
    Permission is not granted to gate this conference anywhere without
    prior knowledge of the Moderator. If you are interested in gating
    this somewhere, please drop the moderator a line via netmail.

    There are no "free speech" and no "1st amendment rights" in Fidonet. If you don't believe this, grab yourself a copy of POLICY4. POLICY4 is the current official rules and regulations of Fidonet. I recommend you read it, since it contains much information that can avoid hassles and problems with Fidonet.

    Since this is Fido Echomail, remember that there are no provisions for
    private messages in this (or any other) conference. If you want to send a private message to someone, you must use a seperate conference called "Netmail". If you do not know what this is, ask your local SysOp for more information on sending and receiving Fido Netmail.

    That's pretty much it. If you have any questions or problems, send me some Netmail. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy meeting all sorts of interesting and nice people. And above all, have fun.

    Bryan C. Turner
    Fidonet APOGEE Conference Moderator

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