• Max Payne Awards

    From Bryan Turner@1:124/7013.1 to ALL on Wed Jan 9 00:23:33 2002
    1:30 PM

    We've got another award to lead off today's coverage for Max Payne. This time the award comes from the gaming site elited.net. They have given Max Payne their Best Action game of the year award. Here's a bit of what they had to say:

    Best of 2001, this says a lot for the developers that took the risk of making a
    single player game that has third person view only. Max Payne is a pseudo-realistic type game, with the attention to each minute detail. Click a button on the soda machine and a soda falls out, shoot the can and it spews soda and flips around. Things like that add to the realism. Bullet time (slo-mo) and bullet dodge were unique features added to this incredible game. The game learns your ability and adjusts accordingly, how many games do that? Max Payne is worthy of Best action game of the year hands down.

    In other Max Payne awards news, we've started a new page on the site. It lists
    the awards that Max Payne has been given (not game reviews, but awards). You can check out the page here: http://www.3drealms.com/max/awards.html more will be added as they are discovered. :)

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