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    Apogee(r) Bans Negative Reviews?
    Posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday May 31, @01:39PM
    from the now-thats-a-strange-clause dept.
    An anonymous reader pointed out one of the
    greatest concerns about UCITA[?]:it allows
    software publishers to ban negative reviews of
    their products. Apogee(r) has now done this. It
    does give right to mention them or their
    trademarks on BBSs or chat rooms (gee thanks!)
    but not in any 'Negative Context', or in a way
    that is negative for Apogee. So by criticizing
    Apogee's license, am I defaming their trademark
    and violating this license agreement? Isn't there
    (oh I don't know) a bill of rights or something
    that just might have precedence over this? Here
    is the questionable document. I also must express
    my distaste that Apogee has a trademark
    on 'Pinball Wizards'(r) since I suspect
    Townshend's late 60s composition probably came
    before, oh I don't know PAC-MAN much less
    Commander Keen(r). Is that saying something
    negative about Apogee(r) again?
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