• It's Award Time!

    From Bryan Turner@1:124/7013.1 to All on Mon Dec 24 03:48:07 2001
    11:30 AM

    Christmas brings a few presents for Max Payne - in the way of some new awards.
    The best one of the lot is the BEST SINGLE PLAYER ACTION GAME award of the year
    given to Max Payne by Gamespot.com! In their award,(http://gamespot.com/gamespot/features/pc/bestof_2001/p3_02.html ) they say....

    Max Payne isn't just a mindless action game with a slow-motion novelty. The extra effort that Remedy Entertainment put into development is plainly apparent
    in Max Payne, and ultimately, the game was well worth the wait.

    Action game of the year is a great honor, and we're glad that Gamespot.com bestowed that upon Max, Remedy, and ourselves. Thanks guys!

    In other Game of the year news, Voodoo Extreme's poll of the fans for Game of the Year has ended, and Max Payne finished out on top, beating out the Xbox's Halo title for 2001 Game of the Year! Check out the poll results here: http://www.ve3d.com/poll.taf?action=archives&pollid=106

    And to wrap up our piece on Game of the Year honors, the website Fragland voted
    Max their game of the year. They had three of their staff pick their 10 best games, and 2 of 3 picked Max number one (the third picked Max #3). Then they picked they're combined #1 game of the year, and Max is their pick. Check out their comments and awards here: http://www.fragland.net/?body=article&aid=47

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