• Max Payne Kung Fu Mod 2.0 is Here!

    From Bryan Turner@1:124/7013.1 to ALL on Mon Dec 24 03:44:18 2001
    11:30 AM

    A totally awesome Max Payne (PC) mod has been updated. It's called the Kung Fu
    mod v2.0. We're not even going to talk about it, read what the mod's author had to say about it:

    "Yup, I just finished my last exam yesterday, so I've been up all night wrapping up this v2.0 for you folks :) For those who don't know, this version doesn't have stick fighting, but it does have the drunken shootdodging, the enemy kung fu fighting, the wall jumping/wall running, as well as bug fixes (and much improved camera effects). I'm pretty sure most of the bugs have been taken care of, but there is some small glitches with the wall running sometimes, but I can live with it for now :) Also, old save games (including save games from v0.9 and v1.0+) are NOT compatible with this version. You'll probably crash the game or cause weird screw ups."

    Anyway, if you've never checked this mod out, do so now - you can get it here: http://kungfu.maxpayneheadquarters.com/

    * Origin: Pegasus Flight *REMOTE* (1:124/7013.1)