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    If you ever wanted to play the lead character in a movie about a fugitive cop in the mean streets of New York, then Max Payne is the game for you. It is an atmospheric third-person shooter, clearly inspired by the cinematography of John Woo films and The Matrix, with captivating graphics and edgy, action sequences.

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    Rating: 98%

    The graphics are stunning...the plot is awesome...there is no other game like this.



    Rating: 94%

    [T]he action game genre has progressed in leaps and bounds, fuelled by constant
    graphical improvements and the burgeoning popularity of on-line gaming. Max Payne, however, marks something of an overhaul of the genre once again, and I've no doubt whatsoever that the advancements present in Max Payne will be imitated and will influence countless unreleased titles of the future. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the finest singleplayer action game ever.

    Before Max Payne, interactive action games could never imitate the sheer tension and gripping action of a good Hollywood blockbuster, until Max Payne, that is. Max Payne introduces a style and approach to action from a perspective that adds sheer cinematic perfection to every sequence, yet maintains totally the players sense of control over the action. In short, Max Payne is a work of gaming genius.

    Max Payne is nothing short of sheer cinematic glory, with a tension and atmosphere easily on a par with any of the top action movies of recent years. Max Payne really does mark a step in a new and exciting direction; and is a game that must be played at all costs.

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    Computer Gaming World (Nov. 2001)

    Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars (Editor's Choice award)

    Max Payne is like a big summer blockbuster movie. And when it comes to special
    effects, Max Payne sports some of the most mouth-watering eye candy ever seen in a computer game. Remedy's 3D engine does an amazing job of rendering a world that not only looks photo realistic at times but also evokes the grittiness of a noir action-thriller on the big screen. The extreme detail of the world, even the cleaner environments you encounter later on, really help in
    the suspension of disbelief.

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    Game Informer (Oct. 2001 magazine)

    Rating: 9.5 (Second opinion: 9.25)

    [Max Payne delivers] the non-stop, pulse-pounded, spine-tingling, ass-kicking kind of action the likes of which I haven't seen since DOOM. There's just no escaping it -- this title will have you in its clutches until you've finished it.

    Some games have it and some games don't. Max Payne definitely has it. Beautiful animations and impeccable realism puts you in the middle of the action. Add to the great [bullet-time] gameplay a gangland epic delivered in a
    comic book graphic novel style, and Max Payne is a winner through and through.

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