From Bryan Turner@1:124/7013.1 to all on Wed Dec 12 07:51:05 2001
    We've had many requests for a Max Payne walkthrough - and we've had many requests on how to get through specific levels posted on our web forums, and now we can deliver. Available right now over on the Official Max Payne web site is a full tutorial, covering all the levels of the game, as well as the game's secrets! If you are stuck in an area of Max Payne, you now have an online resource here on our sites that you can make a reference to. The walkthrough is available at http://www.maxpayne.com/walkthrough.

    It's a very detailed walkthrough - with tons of screenshots that have arrows and other visual tips - make sure and check it out today. A big special thanks goes out to Charles Adams over at xezol.com for doing all the work on the tutorial (screenshots, text, etc). Charles was kind enough to allow us to carry the walkthrough on our web site.

    You can also purchase the Official Max Payne Strategy Guide (from Amazon.com) if you would like a book tutorial of the game - make sure and check that out, too!

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