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    Rating: 95%

    What makes Max Payne such an amazing game is that it puts you in the middle of an amazing action movie, where you get to play the star and fully interact with
    it. No other game has accomplished this to the extent that Max Payne does.

    You play through the scene where your family is killed and a few of Max's dreams. These were some of the strangest, but most fun, levels I have ever played in any game.

    Max Payne is as much of a movie as a video game, which is what makes it so great. With amazing graphics, a good story and Bullet Time, Max Payne is one of
    the best action games of all time.

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    Tweakers Asylum http://www.tweakersasylum.com/Reviews/Remedy/MaxPayne/00000005.htm

    (no rating)

    It is a non-stop adrenaline rush throughout the whole thing. It has a unique style of game play, a great story, and I know that I will be playing through this game more than once. So if you have an $50 laying around, or if your bored
    and have nothing to do, go out and pick up a copy of Max Payne, I promise you, you will get hooked.

    This product is a must for any "First Person Shooter" addict. This is definitely one of the best games of the year!

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