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    Here's a Max Payne status update for everyone.. We think you'll enjoy it. :)

    Max Payne has been in duplication since July 16th.

    As of tomorrow, July 20th, the bulk of the boxes will have been assembled and ready for

    The final boxes should start to hit the trucks on July 23rd and will arrive in stores around
    the 26th (in the US).

    3DR pre-orders should be shipped very early next week, as we get our shipment from Take 2 on Monday.

    Remedy and 3DR are working on the demo for Max Payne now. Expect it out a couple of weeks after the game hits the shelves. It looks to be fairly large, and could easily be in excess of 120 megs. This is due to lots of art, sounds, and map data. We're basically not going to trim the content of the demo to make
    it an easy download.

    Once we receive the shipment from Take 2, we will update again once we start shipping!

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