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    From Farrell Kenimer@1:114/59 to Sk1310@home.com on Sat Jul 14 03:43:00 2001
    In case Qwest (q-worst) rejects my mail in the furture you may use this address: farrell.kenimer@bobsplc.com or wanda.kenimer@bobsplc.com

    Also if anyone up there would like to use this site, it's free.
    We play all sorts of online games here with cyber friends from around
    the country. Bob lives in the east valley and is very friendly to new
    gamers. It's a bbs from the old days with all the internet bells and

    Just get a good telnet client such as the free one called hypertermPE
    which is their Personal Edition and install it on your Windows machine.
    Then use the web brower to actually start it.

    In the URL space enter: telnet://bobsplc.com

    and VOILA you will be here. On the first visit you will need to
    fill in all the blanks for the automatic activation. If you need
    two user names from the same phone number you may or may not have to
    ask Bob to set that up for you. Try it first and if it fails, he can
    do it manually.

    You will find me in the golf solitaire area mostly.
    Also, you may have a second free e-mail address along with the rest of

    You will notice Shirley and TES in there along with the two Spains from
    North Carolina. We've been battling since before the turn of the

    There's no minimum use requried and no uploading of files needed either.
    Bob is one of those guys that feels that we should hang on to the early
    version of computer activities and devotes a lot of resources to it.
    He is the host for the valley FIDO news groups which were around long
    before most of us could get on the Internet. Mostly Mom and I access
    this board via local call but when it's real busy, I use telnet too.
    Mom does not like telnet because it is slower for us (no cable and no
    dsl) and the window is smaller than our full screen dos program she
    normally uses to call in. But I like it fine.

    Later! Love Dad.
    --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v3.0pr5
    * Origin: Bob's Place BBS Mesa,AZ (www.bobsplc.com) (480)610-5160 (1:114/59)