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    9:50 PM 7/6/01

    On Friday evening, we got an email from Hellchick over at Gamespy that her Max Payne preview is online and ready for your perusal. It too, like the Gamespot preview below spooges about Max Payne - in fact we won't hold you back any longer, here's some of what they had to say...

    Remedy is putting games on a new artistic level with Max Payne.

    The resulting peek showed that Max Payne should dominate game shelves this summer with its tight weave of grim, dark story and film-inspired action.

    The story line is extremely important -- unlike many action games where the overarching plot merely serves as a backdrop for the action and could probably be removed without significantly affecting the game

    Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the game is how much the player will care
    about Max and what happens to him; Max's character is very three dimensional.

    Rather than require you to choose an easy, normal, or hard difficulty level before starting the game, the difficulty level is calculated dynamically based on things like the number of times you die in a level and your accuracy.

    (About Bullet Time) The camera panned around in a close Matrix-like circle while I watched Max's bullets utterly perforate the guy, who fell backward as Max continued to dive slowly over his crumpling body. It was...an emotional moment.

    Go over to Gamespy now, and check out what they have to say about Max Payne

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