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    5:45 PM 7/6/01

    Last week, we had three folks in from Gamespot to play Max Payne. Today, a review of that play session is online. Check out some of what they had to say:

    After having the game demonstrated to us by Project Lead Petri Jarvilehto in May during E3, we were surprised to discover how simple it is to play Max Payne. But after playing the game for only a few minutes, controlling Max and executing his bullet-time maneuvers to their fullest potential quickly became second nature to us.
    Max Payne's bullet-time mode is truly something to behold. While activated, the
    game moves so slow that you can actually see each individual bullet that you (or your enemies) fire as its exits the barrel of its gun and makes it way toward its intended target.
    The entire game is actually narrated through the use of quality voice-overs and
    more than 200 of these storyboards, which, as 3D Realms' Scott Miller pointed out, took Remedy Entertainment longer to put together than pre-rendered animation would have.
    Like 3D Realms' last hit, Duke Nukem 3D, Max Payne will stress the importance of environmental interactivity to keep the player as immersed as possible.
    From our time with Max Payne, the most disappointing part was when we were forced to leave.
    Gamespot had a lot to say about what they saw and played - if you are a fan of Max Payne - you owe it to yourself to read this. Please be warned however, that there are some minor spoilers in the review. :)

    The game is getting close - but remember, the release date is "When it's done" until announced either here or on the Remedy web site.

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