• Max Payne pre-orders!

    From Joe Siegler@1:124/9006 to All on Sat Jun 16 19:37:00 2001
    You've waited a long time for this moment, and now it has arrived!

    Starting immediately, you can pre-order Max Payne directly from= 3D
    Realms. As an exclusive offer to our fans, the first 50,000 customers
    to pre-order Max Payne directly from 3D Realms will receive a FREE Max
    Payne mousepad! And, because we know you'll want to quickly jump into
    all the action that Max Payne has to offer, well also ship it to you
    by the speedy USPS Priority Mail service FREE of charge (to US
    destinations only)! A free mouse pad and free Priority shipping --
    that's a value of over $13.00!

    To receive a free Max Payne mouse pad and free Priority shipping,
    click this link to pre-order Max Payne for just $39.95: http://www.buymaxpayne.com.

    To learn more about Max Payne, visit the official Max Payne Web site
    at http://www.maxpayne.com.

    The fine print: Please note that the release date for the game is
    still "When it's done", but we are now taking pre-orders. This offer
    is for the PC version of Max Payne - we do not sell any other version
    directly besides the PC version. Your credit card will not be billed
    until we are ready to ship from 3D Realms. The free Priority Mail
    shipping offer is only valid to US destinations. Orders outside the
    US will have to pay standard 3D Realms shipping rates (see pre-order
    store for more info).

    Don't forget - that's http://www.buymaxpayne.com to pre-order Max
    Payne for the PC today! The first 50,000 get a free mouse padq and
    Priority shipping!

    Joe Siegler
    Webmaster - 3D Realms

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