• CactusCon Security Conference

    From Joe Phigan@1:305/3 to All on Tue Oct 25 18:52:32 2022
    Does anyone here attend security conferences? There's a conference in
    Phoenix (Mesa, actually), AZ called CactusCon coming up in Jan 27th and
    28th. Think of Defcon, except free (well, and not in Vegas). One of the "villages" at the con will be a radio village! Last time we set up some HF antennas outside and had a JS8 station set up, but it wasn't really used or paid attention to much. The things that caught more people's attention were
    an APRS station, a CW decoding station that was using a C64, and a guy
    showing off fox hunting. This time there will be the APRS station and CW station again, but hopefully also an SSTV demo station.

    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions for something that would be cool to
    have at this village?

    Does anyone into radios think they'd want to come and help out with this
    radio village?

    More info about the con is at http://cactuscon.com

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