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    From Alan Beck@1:229/426.36 to All on Thu Sep 1 07:42:00 2022
    I second that.

    The IC-718 as will all Icom radioes has a funky RF Gain / squelch control

    you choose RF Gain (input radio signal loudness) and Squelch (shuts of the signal in the reciever.

    If your seems to be doing nothing, check that control.

    The one thing I don't like about ICOM.


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  • From Daryl Stout@1:2320/33 to Alan Beck on Fri Sep 2 14:05:00 2022

    The one thing I don't like about ICOM.

    Let me try this again. I had a brief power outage a moment ago, and
    while the UPS kept things going, the keyboard quit working for a bit.

    Shortly after I was first licensed, I was told by a Kenwood owner
    that ICOM stood for "I Can Only Monitor". Ironically, at Hamvention
    in Xenia this past year, rumors were rampant that Kenwood was getting
    out of producing ham radio gear.

    The Kenwood folks referred to the Icom rigs as "Ickeys"...although
    the first HT I had was an Icom 2-GAT 2 meter HT. Compared to today's
    rigs, it was so easy to program and setup, whether with PL tones,
    frequencies, etc. Nowadays, if you don't have the programming cable
    and software, you'll never get it set up.

    Daryl, WX4QZ

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