• WAE SSB This Weekend

    From Al Kaiser@1:142/926 to All on Tue Sep 8 06:33:46 2020
    Look for all you Europeans this weekend in the WAE SSB Contest. I hope that
    10 and 15 open because my 40 meter dipole does not work well on SSB. Myself
    I would not mind seeing 12 and 17 meters added maybe as non QTC Contact bands to buld QTC for passing.


    Al Kaiser n1api@cox.net <=-

    Byebye for now.

    Al Kaiser - Meriden, CT, 08-Sep-2020 at 6:34.
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    .!. If I may adopt a parlance with which you are familar, I can
    .!. confirm your therory to be bullshit!
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