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    From Al Kaiser@1:142/926 to All on Wed Jun 27 10:33:35 2018
    Looking forwared to the Baker Island DXpedition and hope working them on a number of bands and modes I need. Hope that FT8 Fox and Hound software works!

    Caught some of the 6 meter openings but missed CA, EU and JA from the East Coast US because my 6 meter radio had to go out for repair. Fortunally just
    an alignment that Yaesu can handle.

    Bad few months my 1000 MP also out for repair and the fellow who had it said that the issue was beyond his abilities and equiment. So it's off to
    Burghardt in SD to hopefully fix, (salavage?). Hope I'm not looking at a
    new FT-DX5000MP because the 1000MP MK-5 is beyond repair. It's been a solid performer for many years and a top notch contest and DX radio. Hope it still can be.

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    Al Kaiser - Meriden, CT, 27-Jun-2018 at 10:33.
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