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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Ed Vance on Sun Mar 25 09:58:00 2018
    In a message on 03-24-18 Ed Vance said to Daryl Stout:

    Hi Ed,

    When I type Alt 219 here, I see # a Solid Block Character.
    When I type Alt 176 here, I see # a Dotted Block Character.

    I opened Notepad and tried entering a Alt Number and saw nothing
    show up on the screen as You said it would.

    Of course not, because the character table in Windows is completely
    different. The codes are 4-digit and not the same as in high-ASCII.

    You can find the Windows character code table in many Windows manuals.
    I recall that at least an old Word manual has the table. Probably some
    other manuals too.

    I quit using SLMR when I learned that MM showed ALL of the lines in
    long BBS messages.

    Does OLX end messages as SLMR does?

    I have used all of the ones mentioned above and many more.

    Didn't both Programs come from the same Company.

    I don't think they did but I may be wrong.

    Otherwise I'm happy using MM, I occasionally use MM WIN when I want
    to C&P some text into a message that I'm writing.

    I have MM for OS/2 as a reserve QWK-program and IF I put some of my
    Windows laptops to read/write Fido QWK packets, I'll install MMWin in it

    I've tried the Sempoint reader for awhile, but went back to using MM
    (and SLMR occasionally) to read messages in .QWK packets.

    That's one I have never tried because it came out so late that I had
    already done my choice for DOS and moved over to OS/2.

    ... Death, Taxes, MS upgrades.

    True, hi!

    CU AGN, Sam, OH0NC

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